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The Arterburn Radio Transmission

Parapolitics & Precious Metals


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"The official broadcast of the apocalypse" 
-Tony Arterburn


Tony Arterburn Jr. is a native of Rockwall Texas. Prior to graduating high school Tony began competing in the sport of Powerlifting, and would eventually go on to win state, national, and world titles. At the age of 19, Tony enlisted  as a  U.S. Army Paratrooper/ Military Policeman and is a Veteran on Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been in radio broadcasting since 2013, and has been a guest host for the David Knight show and Infowars. Currently he is the host of the Arterburn Radio Transmission, cohost of America Unplugged and the Wise Wolf gold and crypto show. He is the founder and owner of Wise Wolf gold and silver Exchange in Branson Missouri. Tony lives in the Ozark mountains with his wife Melissa, son Houston, dogs Charlie and Beans "the Brave" and cat Simon.  

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